ave you ever wondered as to why showcasing your previous work on your website is important?

Or let’s go to the basics, why you need to have your own website?

Is it just to tell four people that you have a website or it has some principles behind it?

If you have been surrounded by clouds of questions, do not worry at all this blog will clear down all your questions.

When we say a personal website it does not mean you just have a homepage, contact form to collect data without any purpose or maybe a gallery where you upload all cool photos of your thinking you are a celebrity.

We will understand with a simple use case that will help you to understand the importance of having your own website.

One fine day you are reading a newspaper or let’s say reading some information regarding an upcoming exhibition related to business.

You feel motivated to visit that exhibition, the reason being your enthusiasm element being roaming in your senses.

Now, that you have reached the exhibition venue and you start exploring & interacting with people.


It’s showtime

The first question any corporate companies or businesses ask for your visiting card. Now, look at the situation you face of not having your own website. You have a bunch of visiting cards with you but no website mentioned in it.

Obviously, you start explaining about your services and the biggest embarrassing question comes from the other side, “Sir/Madam, do you have your website where we can have a look at your previous works and clients for whom you worked so far.”

In this situation, what can be a better answer than simply saying “No” to them and hence, your all motivation goes off in fractional seconds.

The reason behind taking this simple use case is because most of the people and startups they do everything but make a bigger mistake of not having their own website which is your identity.

People judge you with the work you display or the services that you have mentioned.

When you showcase your work on your website is that you are actually building for yourself and for your work.

We all know that how simple it is to develop a WordPress website if you have very basic information to display, it’s just drag and drop. Of course, there are avid developers in WordPress who can help you to get the work done for larger requirements of the website or if you need some customization.

I would highly recommend using WordPress technology if you are starting with blogs or your own basic website to display your work that way you can stay on top of the industry because you have your identity, you have put in efforts to make your own clients, you have worked very hard and applied your skills rightly to get the project done.

Think of all this and you get the purpose to develop a website for yourself.



I have seen that the WordPress community all over the world has been very helpful and suggestive in every walk of your work.

Be it content part, promoting website developing a website, solving complex issues, getting started with something.

When you have access to all these resources that you can find on WordPress.org then why still think to have one website for yourself.

Go on and grab that identity which you can acquire and stand still among others also increases the chances of getting more projects, leads, clients and most importantly trust in yourself.

In our next series of WordPress, we will talk more in detail about your website and how you can use as a bridge to upgrade your business. Stay insightful!!!


  • Sumant Lohar

    Sumant is a hardcore tech blogger who is always fond of writing about web technologies, mobile technologies, emerging technologies, digital marketing, podcasting, excerpt from all those amazing conferences/summits that he has attended till date or will attend. And yes above all the love for writing about WordPress which has been a true inspiration for him to start blogging and that has put him at this position.


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