Metaverse is not just any other buzzword creeping into our lives, but as per some tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg or Satya Nadella, it is the future of the Internet. You might also have probably heard someone saying that the Metaverse will change your world and the way you live. 

After Facebook rebranded itself to Meta and their upcoming venture into the concept, the hype about Metaverse got massive. 

All these statements just made us more curious as to what exactly the Metaverse is and why individuals are talking about it so much. However, what this term means has not gotten clear to many people so far. Now it won’t take long for you to know about it.

Stop scratching your head; we are going to keep it simple for you. 

Let’s dive in and understand.


What is ‘Metaverse’?

Metaverse is a mix of technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). It is a shared virtual space that resembles the real world and is immersive and interactive for the users in the Metaverse. 

The metaverse is a mix of physical and digital worlds where people can engage in a variety of activities. They can be a part of all the online experiences by being into it. 

Not only staring at your screen but engaging in real-time like shopping, going to a concert or a conference, hanging out with your friends, having a party etc. 

Post pandemic, we are anyway spending more time online; Metaverse offers many advantages over what and how we currently engage online. The phenomenon lets you incorporate your day-to-day activities into a more interactive experience where you can possibly get more done in one single place.

In even simpler words, it is like sitting at home, taking a tour of the nearest mall in the Metaverse using your Avatar, shopping in real-time and getting things delivered to your doorstep.   

Ohh! you must be thinking, is it a new thing?       

Well, the concept of the Metaverse has been around for a while. Science-fiction novelist Neal Stephenson coined the term ‘Metaverse’ for the first time in his 1992 novel ‘Snow Crash.’ 

While there are other instances, too, from even before 1992, that contributed to the concept on the whole. It started back in 1838 when scientist Sir Charles Wheatstone talked about the idea of ‘Binocular Vision’ in which two images were combined (one for each eye) to form a 3D image. And ‘Stereoscopes’ were made using the technology where the ‘illusion of depth’ was used to create an image, the same technology used in modern VR headsets today.     

Then, in 1935, American Sci-Fi writer Stanley Weinbaum in his book ‘Pygmalion’s Spectacles’ featured the main character who explores a fictional world using a pair of goggles that provided sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.  


How to access the Metaverse?

The big question, Isn’t it? (It came to your mind too)

Well, the full potential of the concept still needs to be discovered as it is in its infancy. Still, there are multiple ways to jump in and get a taste of what is coming while appreciating and anticipating what will it look like in the future?


Popular options

  • Decentraland is one of the most popular environments for Metaverse, offering a wide range of activities like buying, selling and building artworks, playing games, and exposure to NFTs and digital real estate. The platform is established on the Ethereum blockchain and wants users to create their Avatar to get started. The platform is entirely community-owned. You can start exploring by opening the Decentraland website on your browser. Confirm your age, accept terms and conditions and Voila! 

The Sandbox, Roblox, Second Life and Horizon Worlds are some other platforms you can consider to explore the meta world.       


Equipment required 

To experience the real Metaverse, an Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset is required. The headset comes with a graphics chip and storage components to directly integrate them into the headset. In addition, it has six built-in internal tracking cameras, which follow your head and hands’ position. 

You also get an Oculus touch controller with a joystick and buttons to grab virtual objects and interact with them for better control. The equipment carries sound from all directions and lets you hear ambient noise. To have a more immersive experience, consider connecting your headphones to eliminate background noise.  



When we talk about Metaverse there is huge scope, opportunity and a lot to decode for using it in the right way. It’s always better to connect with people who are already working on this technology.

What if I told that there are amazing conferences happening around Metaverse technology that help you to take a deep dive into the world of hidden possibilities.


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