n recent years, we have seen a lot of advancement in the technologies with much faster pace.

If you look a decade back you might have observed that the technology evolution was at a much slower rate compared to the present scenario.

During those years every technology that evolved was not adaptive as we see today.

You name an industry and you will find technology advancing day by day with such major transformations.

Fasten your seat belt, as we are going to take a short and sweet glimpse of the technologies evolved in the 21st century that changed the life of people and their work behavior.

We are going to discuss some of the technologies randomly that has changed our lifestyle; we have seen those old CD’s that were advanced to DVD with higher capacity and later to Blu-Ray Discs that were perfect for storing movies in large volume.

The next major transformation that observed was in Personal Computers. Look at the size we had in early times, it was very difficult to even move an inch, then we had seen some advanced designs with lighter versions of PC. Later on, we saw laptops, iPads, iPods, mini-laptops, tablets and today we see a convertible laptop with touchscreen features.

Just look at the advances we see in laptops that we can carry anywhere and anytime.

Wow, isn’t it amazing?

The list does not end here one more technology that brought a revolution to every industry was Social Media Sites like Facebook, Orkut (not used anymore), Flickr, MySpace (rarely used), Yahoo Messenger (recently was shut down), Skype, Google+, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Quora and the list goes on.

These sites brought about every change in all industries how they used to market their products or services earlier.

We have seen advances in Television, Washing machine, Refridgerator, Cars, Motorcycles, Mobile.

Oh yes, how can we forget mobiles that used to be a simple screen with those old snake game and today evolved into a fully featured smartphone with all those facilities that you can imagine or might have not imagined?

Till now we talked about those technologies that we have been used today.

But now, we are diving into technologies that are yet to change our lives.


The evolution of Emerging technologies

Let’s see what could be they. Whatever we feel, touch in real-world can be experienced in Virtual Reality (VR) where the world is imaginative and does not exist.

We have Augmented Reality (AR) that is used by many industries and is expected to advance Virtual Reality (VR) in the coming years.

We have Mixed Reality (MR) that is just the combination of AR and VR. And now we expect Extended Reality (XR) or Cross Reality that will work in combination with virtual and real-world elements.

Want to know more about technologies?

Recently there have been discussions about Esport Marketing using Blockchain in technology that is revolutionizing the world.

Blockchain technology applications so far are at the initial stage.

But, interestingly Esport marketing is something we used to play video games, then evolved to XBOX and Playstations and today every sport can be experienced in Esports platforms just like the real-world sports.

Soon the marketers will be able to connect with brands through blockchain technology wanting to move forward with Esport marketing.

We have seen the 360-degree view photos, videos, and other kinds of stuff either for marketing or for the industrial use.

The 360 degree contents will surely revolutionize the digital world sooner.

Many brands they face the problems in replying to each and every person and you are aware of the fact that replying to everyone individually is like for loop going to infinite with no output.

Just kidding!!!

These problems brought about a technology that we call today as chatbots that works on the principle of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Lastly, one such interesting initiative taken by Dubai Airport is “face-scanning security tunnel at Dubai airport (Source: – https://www.engadget.com/2017/10/10/dubai-airport-scan-face-video-tunnel/) that uses face recognition technology to decide whether the person should be allowed to step in the country or not.



There have been so many transformations in the technology, but the thing is their principle rightly implemented. Unless you do not understand it’s pros and cons it is a waste of time to use that technology or maybe understanding whether you really require in your current business systems or not.

Image Credit:- Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay


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