ver wondered what may be the outcomes if you increase your presence on social media platforms? Certainly, not.

It is because we use social media platforms precisely to stay connected with our friends, relatives, and colleagues.

If you are asked whether you want to grow on social media platforms.

What could be the first answer that strikes in your mind?

Why should I grow?

Or probably you may ask, what will I get by increasing those numbers of followers?

You may even say that you are happy with the friends or relatives that you have on social media platforms.

But here is the fact that you need to understand very seriously.

Today, growing your presence on social media platforms brings with it lots of opportunities that you might have never imagined.

Yes, you heard right, you might have not wondered how fruitful can it be. A bit confused and not getting the concept.

Take a deep breath, we are going to understand some of the basics of social media platforms and how you can grow yourself right now.

First, let’s understand the basics of social media marketing through some examples.

You want to apply for a job and have been trying to get a good position but couldn’t get through it.

What next?

Should you use the same traditional method of searching for your dream job on some website?

No, absolutely not, you rather need to register yourself on professional networking sites like Linkedin.

Here, enter your complete details with your educational background, years of experience if you are not a fresher.

This will help you to connect with the HR department of all companies.

The more precise your profile is, the more chances it helps in getting your dream job.

This way you start increasing your network with the professionals, founders, CEOs and HR managers most probably.

Earlier, we discussed some of the basics of social media platforms how it is used for different purposes.

Now, it’s prime time to get through the steps of increasing your presence on social media platforms.

But, wait how will you come to know which social networking sites are useful to you?

Pay attention to each social media platform and its use that we are discussing below.

1. Facebook – People see this website as a medium to stay connected with friends, share videos, photos, news.

But it doesn’t end here.

You can actually search for your job near you, join industry-specific communities, follow some of the pages that update you every hour or minutes, get to know about upcoming events, read resourceful blogs, share updates as stories and yes not to forget reminder for the birthday of your friends, relatives or colleagues.

You also get more exposure when you broadcast live events through Facebook Live.

You can share links on your blogs to get more exposure to your expertise.


2. Twitter – It is not just about tweeting in 280 characters because they have increased the limit.

But you can stay on top of the industry by following every single news being shared through hashtags.

Follow as many people as you can who have a good number of followers, share something interesting and also want you to learn something from them.

That is the power of Twitter.

You just don’t share the news, but people actually get updated.

You can share blog links written by you or from other sources.

When you want to increase your presence in a particular business remember Twitter should be on top of your list.

You can follow people like Richard Branson, Neil Patel, Cristiano Ronaldo, Satya Nadella, Sundaram Pichai, Brian Tracy, Amitabh Bachchan and many others as per your interest.

You get to know what they think, how they react to every moment.


3. Instagram – One of the coolest platforms for sharing photos, going live is one such cool feature, creating & sharing mind-boggling Instagram stories, we have now IGTV where you can record and share videos of a couple of minutes.

Many of our projects on this platform as just photo-sharing platform, but you can actually grow your business stronger with it.

You have all cool features to help you with it. There are so many inspirational profiles that you can follow to grow your business.


4. YouTube – We all love YouTube because we can watch interesting videos, movies, movie trailers, live events, watch tutorials.

Wait, why just watch videos on and on. Instead, create your own channel and get monetized with your videos.

You have so many options to create content on YouTube.

Create tutorials for WordPress blogs, teaching them to use social management tools, if you are a traveler, upload videos of the places that people might have never heard or seen.


5. Pinterest – It is not all about pins, but the reason is people share amazing content in the form of images, infographics being the most popular.

Here, you can create own board and then you can upload interesting infographics and later you will find people start following you.

They will share, talk about it and expect the next content from you also it may you get leads from it.


6. Quora – This platform is more of a Q & A section, where you can ask any industry-specific questions.

If you find yourself good at something start answering the relevant question and you see that there will be an increased number of viewers of your answers as well as your profile.

There are many other social networking sites for different purposes for different consequences.



The above discussed social media platforms are the key areas you need to concentrate and can expect the better level-up than earlier with a number of business relations, own identity to display.

So, start increasing the number of followers with these handful tips that actually help you to generate leads and other benefits.


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