any times we have seen that our strategies do not work or the content that we create does not get a positive blow as it should be getting.

Ever wondered what can be the reason behind this failure?

Is it because we do not know anything about preparing content strategy or we do not learn from our mistakes?

No, the answer is very simple, we tend to do many things but are not optimistic in the method that we follow.

So, what next?

Should we just stop here and feel demotivated sitting at one place wondering some magic will do this for you.

C’mon, gear up!!!

And rethink all that methods that you used and make a note of all those unavoidable mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated anymore.

The best way to put yourself on track is to research a lot.

Now, what should you research that may help you in rebuilding your content strategy?

Is it just searching on search engines like Google, Bing, and Mozilla about how to prepare a strategy?

Not exactly, but instead look for blogs who are already doing great and have an amazing strategy to follow.

Let us understand in 5 different ways prior to preparing a well-designed content strategy.

1. Overthinking may kill you – It is very important that while you sit for designing your first content strategy, keep it simple and don’t be too detailed as it may harm the efficiency of your thought process.

The more simple is your initial planning the more you get clearer for your strategies.


2. Doing all at once – Before you sit for preparing a content strategy never do all tasks at once.

Instead, first start with the basics like selecting days, target audience and purpose of creating content.

Make a short checklist and include these steps and then move forward. Keep the pace of your work shorter to find out whether you are on a right track or not.

This will help you to be focused on one particular thing at that time.


3. Never follow other’s schedule – If you really want to become an avenger in developing strategies, then do not follow strategies developed by others.

In fact, it is only advisable to have a look at their strategies, methods, thought-process, research work when you are allowed to have a look.

There are times when the strategies, content everything comes under NDA.

So, in that case, they may not be comfortable in sharing those strategies with you.

Relax, try to understand their workflow as much as possible.


4. Expecting too much from your first content strategy – It is obvious that when you are in a learning stage and are preparing strategies it might not work well as expected.

Don’t get disappointed, instead, list out the mistakes and new learning that you acquired while preparing your first content strategy.


5. Referring to many sites for learning purposes – Remember, when you want to refer a website for your content strategy limit it to 3 or 4 but not more than that.

The reason being you get distracted from your research and end up doing nothing but wasting the precious time.



The above 5 factors as discussed, are tested and technically proven for your first content strategy.

So, why wait to move on!!!


  • Sumant Lohar

    Sumant is a hardcore tech blogger who is always fond of writing about web technologies, mobile technologies, emerging technologies, digital marketing, podcasting, excerpt from all those amazing conferences/summits that he has attended till date or will attend. And yes above all the love for writing about WordPress which has been a true inspiration for him to start blogging and that has put him at this position.


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