Dynamic Content Strategy

Why your Content Strategy should not be static?

In my first blog, I discussed what should you keep in mind prior to creating a content strategy. Today, we will try to understand the necessity to change your Content Strategy periodically but cleverly. In some cases, people implement the same Content Strategy again and again, but as a result, they get blasted out of ideas. What can be the reason behind this? Let’s decode it. When you create your first strategy you only see the numbers game i.e. Number of likes, shares our views, but we often miss out to observe its relevancy with our targeted audience. We see content from our end and even judge by yourself that this content is the best. But the problem is not the method that we follow, the problem persists in our perception. Remember, we think that we are walking on the right path without cross-checking regularly.

When you have implemented your first strategy, take time and analyze the response you get from all angles be it an engagement, human psychology, social-listening reports that you acquire but not just a numbers game. After all the observations if you come to a conclusion that the content does not have much impact on the targeted audience, then it is always advisable to start with a plan-B. But do not get disappointed or limit yourself to the point where you failed the most. Who knows the next strategy may put you on top and you get a huge response? Remember content strategy should not be dependent on plan-A but you must have two other options. It is never interpreted that your each and every content strategy is achievable. It may work sometimes and sometimes you may fail miserably. But the thing is you have 100% opportunity to reduce the number of failures by consistently working on your strategy.

Whenever you create a strategy refer to ideas or look for similar use cases, what problems they and came up with a decent solution. Keep yourself open to acquire suggestions from others, they may be your friends, a mentor, colleagues, your family member if they are in the same industry, but if they are not understanding their approach towards seeing or reacting to a particular content of a brand. This way it becomes easier for you to decode the hidden treasures of getting higher success rate in content strategy. So, do not take this point very lightly and also keep in mind that solutions are around us, but it needs the right approach, good analytical capability, sharpness in making the correct decision and an open mind to grab new ideas. Don’t worry, all of the above mentioned cannot be acquired all at once. It needs the consistency in your work and discipline in the work. If you follow these two paths, then only you get a 360-degree vision of implementing things which is much needed.

When you read all the above points do not hesitate to implement. You need to be dynamic in your methods, behavior and most importantly your thoughts. These three are the pillars of a successful Content Strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and start working on your brand’s content strategy. Success is just a few steps away from you!!!

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