The Power of Direct Message(DM) in Social Media Marketing

We usually avoid this “DM” concept in social media marketing. You may wonder what is so special about Direct Message. Is it a new trend or feature just like we see many updates on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Well, today I will take you through the journey of “DM” which will help to understand the real power of it and I am sure next time you will definitely not miss out or forget to implement in your campaign. Let’s start with the basics:-

– What is Direct Message or DM?
Direct Message is a feature in Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and some other platforms wherein if someone follows our account, we thank them by sending a Direct Message but we actually do not say “thank you” straightaway. Surprised? (The message does not contain the only vote of thanks, but something else needs to be added… Eager to know what could be that? I am coming to that point sooner.)

– Why do we use that feature?
You must be thinking that it is some kind of spamming. No, absolutely not, but instead it is one of the most powerful and hidden weapons that wary of us know its consequences (positive). We use it for increasing sales, creating a huge network of connections, followers and also market our services.

– Do you need to follow a certain methodology in order to get the maximum success rate?
The answer is Yes and No as well. When I say “Yes” that means your message should not be too long and too short with the correct form of verbs and adjectives wherever required. Now, when I say “No”, it is clear that you do not have to sit and waste your whole day, right? Thinking about what to send the message and how to write. It’s just the combination of spoken English and common phrases used to write English.

For example: – If I own a business of mobile development and when someone follows me. My reply can be something in this manner “Hey XYZ (any name), I would really appreciate if you can visit my website that you actually can find in my bio”. Or “Hey XYZ (any name), I see that you have a very good website but as you know mobile apps are the most booming thing, so why don’t you visit our website i.e. (your website name).” This way you can maintain smooth business relations and the other would certainly visit your website once. Now, that is your success rate, people should get feeling while they read your message.

– What happens if I use this feature?
When you Direct Message (DM) to anyone then you are actually building a strong brand for yourself, increase in your business relations, higher lead generation opportunities. You might have observed when you follow someone, how quickly you receive a DM from them and feel like taking some action. In the same manner, you can also attract people to visit your website or blog.

Conclusion: – Every feature in social media has some special purpose hidden in it. You need the right understanding to decode and make it the weapon that works wonders for you or your brand. This was just an overview to “DM”, more insights yet come. So, stay tuned and insightful!!!

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